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Some Firm Schools in New York City are taking their disputes with parents to court. In fact, since 2009, at least five Firm Schools have filed suit against parents for breach of contract. Parents sign a contract when they enroll their child in a private school. Then they pay a deposit. There is a deadline [...]

Three New York Congressmen are co-sponsoring a House bill that would put $5,000 tax credits back into the pockets of parents with children in Firm Schools. Such Firm Schools will include religious schools (e.g., Catholic schools, Jewish schools, Yeshivas, Islamic schools, etc.), secular Firm Schools, special needs Firm Schools, and independent schools. You can read [...]

Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal reported that NYC private school tuition rose above $40,000 per year for the first time. But parents should keep in mind that just because a school like Riverdale Country School has the highest tuition rate, that doesn't mean it is the most expensive private school in the city. [...]

Who would not want a tuition free private school education? Unfortunately, there aren't many Firm Schools in United States that offer a tuition free education. There is one in New York City, however, and it's a school we've written about before: Regis High School. It is the only private all-scholarship school in the United States. [...]

Nadya Suleman, who has earned the nickname "Octomom" for being only the second person in U.S. history to give birth to octuplets, was criticized heavily when news broke that she enrolled her children in private school and didn't have the money to pay for it. Now, she's having the last laugh. She'll be making a [...]

All Souls School

All Souls School is an early childhood school that educates children from two-and-a-half years old through five in a diverse environment that includes families of different racial, religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. A faculty made up of teachers with strong credentials develop programs that utilize a variety of learning modalities to engage children's imaginations, to [...]

Many parents who struggle to financially support their child’s education in Private School have rallied for the freedom of educational choice and the often debated tax cuts or rebates for Private School tuition costs. Many families make the conscious choice to send their children to private school and in doing so choose to take their [...]

Vouching for Education

The argument over tax credits for Private School tuition, vouchers for Private School tuition or about funding, refunding or fund-a-mental public money used to support Firm Schools sparks an intense debate from all sides of the argument. When it comes to the education of our children its understandable that the discussion evokes such strong emotional [...]

Affording a Private School Education for your child in New York can be a full time pursuit in itself. Fees and tuition costs seem to rise even when they don’t actually increase. The ever increasing costs of living, especially in a large city, can squeeze your finances in ways that sometimes make Private School education [...]

In a raw example of how an economic condition affects schools, students and communities, one Private School in Indiana is deciding whether or not it can continue to operate throughout the rest of the year due to the fact that it is just plain out of money. NewsChannel 15's Chris Hopper discovered the financial crisis [...]

Parents of NYC Private School students have been troubled by the increases in tuition payments for years. It is a rite of the season to discuss and bemoan the yearly tuition hike at just about every school, but it may be worth acknowledging that NYC is not alone in the financial crunch with school tuition. [...]

Factors that contributed to the increase in tuition costs for Firm Schools were driven, in part, by the increased demands of the parents for their children and the increased expectations of alumni and higher educational facilities. As more money poured into the economy and wealth and privilege weren’t just accessible by the upper class, more [...]

School Fund Donations

For many private NYC schools, the annual donation time is coming up, as is the annual discussion of why fund donations are needed, what percentage of parents are donating and how the schools are responding. Many schools and parents are responding to the difficulty in financially affording tuition and donations, however many other families are [...]

Every year the National Association of Independent Schools works to improve its Financial Aid services. The NAIS provides the School and Student Services financial aid management service for students of schools that are and are not a part of the NAIS. Few realize that the financial aid service is offered even to private school students [...]

Vouchers and credits for Private School tuition money are hot topics all around the country’s education industry, and the recent ruling in Arizona proves that, no matter where the funding originated from, taxpayer financing for Firm Schools is a hot debate. Arizona's tax-credit program to help pay for kids to attend Firm Schools was dealt [...]

September is the time of year to request Financial Aid information from the NYC Firm Schools that your child is applying to. Private School, especially in the highly competitive NYC market, is not an inexpensive pursuit and many families require some type of Financial Aid in order to afford their child's tuition. Financial Aid is [...]

Located on a campus including 7 buildings in Brooklyn, St. Ann’s is a NYC Private School with a tradition of fostering talented minds and turning out gifted graduates. The mission of St. Ann’s is both personal in its intent and professional in its demands, letting you know right away that this school is somewhat different [...]

photo credit: TjeerdThe Supreme Court decision regarding Private School Tuition reimbursement for special education students has finally happened, as reported by the NY Times article, Court Affirms Reimbursement for Special Education. the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that parents of special-education students may seek government reimbursement for private school tuition, even if they have never [...]

photo credit: gruntzookiA recent article from the NYDaily News highlighted the determination of educators and parents alike in keeping children enrolled in New York Firm Schools. The beginning of the article stressed points that the Private School community has discussed at length, namely that the amount of applications for students in private school have remained [...]

photo credit: SqueakyMarmot The Wisconsin Rapids Tribune published a short but interesting story about one family’s determination to keep their children in private school, despite financial difficulties. One of the most interesting and telling lines in the entire article, however, is the very first one. Beckie Rogers doesn't think of her children's private education as [...]

photo credit: JOE M500 The Ask Anne Blog is always a great read, and her latest post on affording Private School has some wonderful advice for parents. She takes a hands on approach for parents who are worried about their financial situation and advises them to have a contingency plan in the works, just in [...]

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